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What We Do


In the ever-growing leather industry, there are always potential places and situations where suppliers can rip off their customers. One way this is seen in the leather industry is through suppliers providing products that don’t meet the quality demand for an exorbitant price. In the highly saturated market of the leather industry, suppliers are provided with loopholes and other shrewd ways to cheat off their customers. We are here to put an end to that. We aspire to be the solution that people have been awaiting for a long period of time.

We are committed to provide our customers with some of the highest quality products that are durable and reliable. We just don’t want to be in line with our customers’ satisfactions, but we want to surpass their expectations on every level of service we provide.
Most of the leather products like bags, belts, and wallets are not well-designed and manufactured in our country. As such, all our potential clients have to deal with an unwanted expense. But we, at Tiru Design, are moving leaps and bounds to stop that from ever happening.

Our company is dedicated to provide high quality, first class, durable, efficient and effective products. Tiru Design Company is well organized, having experts on designing and preparation of leather products and apparel products. We are involved ... Read more
Our company prides itself in being able to work with a notable number of companies within the short period of time since our establishment. Our products are applicable for all section of the community, from children to adults. We have a variety of clothes for people that are cultural clothes fanatics.
Our products basically can be used by any person or interested party, whether they live or are stationed locally in Ethiopia or abroad. Come check us out, and get access to our state of the art products. We can guarantee that you will be more than happy by our services and products as other have been.

Tiru Design– Living Up to Our Name


“Tiru” is an Amharic word that translates to “good” in English. As our name suggests, all our services and products are of the highest quality and superior. We don’t want to let our customers down. As such, we do everything in our power to make our customers happy with the products and services we provide. We promise not to fail our name, and provide our customers with unparalleled services. We will continue to raise the bar for any other company in the leather industry.

Tiru Design– Your Number One Destination for High Quality Products


We believe the best and most important part of our company are our staff members. Our staff members are well-qualified to manufacture and design the best quality products for our clients. We, at Tiru Design, don’t take our slogan lightly. We believe quality takes precedence before any other thing. We won’t allow products that we don’t believe in to be sold or make it to market. With us, you can be hundred percent sure that all the products we provide have high quality, and they are simply exceptional with regards to their quality. They are also durable and highly effective.


Tiru Design– Your Economical Choice


One of the reasons we decided to take part in the leather industry is to provide customers leather products for a reasonable price. We don’t want to take advantage of our customers financially. As such, we provide all our products at a competitive price. Our market price is fair relative to other similar companies involved in the leather industry. We hope for our customers to take advantage of our products without worrying about the money.

Tiru Design– The Revolutionary


We want to be an example for what a company involved in the leather industry should embody. We believe that customers should get access to our state of the art products without having to face mishaps all along the way. People have been ripped off and have been cheated off by other various institutions. We are committed to revolutionize the whole leather industry and lead the way into the new era of leather industry in Ethiopia.


Tiru Design– Excellence Redefined


We want to change what it means to be a manufacturing and designing company. We hope to set the tone for how services and products are provided. As such, we go above and beyond in order to make sure that our customers are satisfied on every level of service we provide. We perform and deliver our tasks on time, our staff is well qualified to provide high quality and durable leather products, and our market price is fair and reasonable.